• As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist it is my mission to empower you toward health, happiness, and a sense of calm. This is accomplished by providing you with confidential, individualized and supportive psychological consultation. I encourage you to learn more information about my clinical speciality areas which include: eating disorders, postpartum depression, pregnancy and new mom support, grief, obesity and weight loss surgery, depression, anxiety and stress management, relationships, overall wellness as well as giftedness and psychological testing.


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    The most fundamental relationship for wellness is between mind, body and soul. My goal is to
    empower you to relax your mind, to listen to your body, and to nurture your soul.

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    What People Are Saying...

    Dr. Cherwony, you have been an angel in my life. When I first met you at my presurgical bariatric evaluation, you told me that food was my addiction and to think about what I was trying to hide from. Your words rang true for me after my surgery and then I realized I needed to see you. I want to thank you deeply for all your compassion and support during my journey to health and wellness. I can't believe how much you have taught me.

    Lindsay C

    Thank you for the consultation and wonderful service.
    We were very anxious about getting our daughter tested for gifted placement. Dr. Cherwony, you made our experience an easy and valuable one. As promised, you spent extensive time with us helping to determine the best school placement for our daughter. The feedback we were given was worth every penny! Thanks again

    Marie D

    My only regret was that I waited 2 months before starting to see Dr. Cherwony. I struggled with depression and loads of guilt following the birth of my first child. It was not how I had expected it to be. It was the most devastating time for me. Thank you so much Dr. C for helping me to understand and deal with my PPD and insomnia, and for helping my family to deal better with myself.


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